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I grew up in Evanston, IL which, like Ann Arbor, is a vibrant college town with beautiful tree-lined streets, excellent public schools (that I attended), a precious natural environment, and fundamental challenges regarding equity, affordable housing, and sustainability.

Ann Arbor is at a turning point. We can be a national leader in the values we are known for—social justice, environmental sustainability, diversity—but we need to come together to act before it is too late to translate those values into our built environment and ways of life. 


I have lived in Ann Arbor’s First Ward since 2008 and I feel lucky to have put down roots in a community where people set high standards for political awareness and engagement. I am running for City Council because I want to tap that grassroots energy and focus it on the city’s upcoming master planning process and beyond.


Ann Arbor’s success as an economic engine for Southeast Michigan has brought those of us who live and work here to a critical moment where we need to ask ourselves how we believe the city’s growth should be managed. The decisions we will make together debating this question will create a framework for meeting goals like these:


  • Ensuring that Ann Arbor's housing market serves people over their entire lifespan, so that people who have grown up in Ann Arbor have affordable options for settling here and life-long residents have a range of housing choices as they age 

  • Repairing and restarting Ann Arbor’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to restore our commitment to recycling;

  • Pursuing innovative energy solutions to achieve 90% residential, municipal, and industrial carbon neutrality by 2030;

  • Ensuring pedestrian safety and making city streets more hospitable to bicycles;

  • Making Ann Arbor a national role model for human rights, including relationships between citizens and the police  


Government “by the people” should be more than just a slogan. I have seen the grassroots passion of the Ann Arbor community and believe we can work together to make those words real. Communicating with constituents is a priority to me and I promise to reach out when there is news to share: whether it is good news or bad, whether we agree or disagree on an issue. With your support, I will do my best to practice inclusive, responsive, and well-informed democratic decision-making with the community and to build collaborative, principled working relationships at City Hall.  


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