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Elected Leaders

Mayor Christopher Taylor
Fmr. Mayor John Hieftje
Council Member Julie Grand
Council Member Zachary Ackerman
Council Member Chip Smith
AAPS Trustee Simone Lightfoot
Fmr. Council Member Sabra Briere
Fmr. Council Member Jason Frenzel
Fmr. Council Member Sandi Smith
Fmr. Council Member Sally Peterson


"I had Lisa as a professor during my first semester of college and I will never forget how passionate she was about the material and how much she cared about her students. I know that Lisa will put as much passion into representing her community on Council as she put into the classroom, and I can't wait to vote for her!" 
- Katie Bromm
"Lisa Disch’s ability to listen carefully, ask important questions and to communicate clearly are things I value highly in leadership. Her commitment to understanding issues and exploring ways to resolve them is impressive. What I appreciate most about Lisa is her integrity and willingness to break down the walls that divide us particularly in this time of divisive politics. We need people to come together and work together. Lisa is the person to help make this happen."  
- Yvonne Pappas
"I know Lisa as someone who listens to experts, listens to the community, and learns from both. She showed her passion for reform working on the Voters Not Politicians campaign and, as her neighbor, I know her to have the communication skills and work ethic that Ward One needs from a City Council member."  
- Noga Morag-Levine
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