Urban Stewardship:


  • No community can act on its values without the financial means to do so. Carefully managed growth gives us the means. The city has recently made some good decisions about development that bring new public assets to the community. Existing zoning laws have also made it necessary to approve projects that are not well-supported by transportation and will only intensify traffic congestion and thwart progress toward sustainability. I will work with you to:

    • Ensure that the upcoming Master Planning Process engages extensive and inclusive public participation, both virtually and face-to-face

    • Seize that process to envision a future for Ann Arbor that is consistent with values of social justice, environmental sustainability, and diversity 

    • Make coordinated, systematic changes to city zoning laws to govern development and re-development that fosters those values

    • Eliminate mandatory parking minimums to support creation of affordable multi-family dwellings 

    • Prioritize “transit-oriented” development in areas accessible by walking, cycling, and bus lines

    • Represent the interests of people who want to live in Ann Arbor alongside the interests of those who already do

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