Affordable Housing:


  • We need to ensure that Ann Arbor's housing market serves people over their entire lifespan, so that people who have grown up in Ann Arbor have affordable options for settling here, and life-long residents have a range of housing choices as they age. Current housing costs price out of the community young people, life-long residents, teachers in Ann Arbor’s elementary and secondary schools, firefighters and police officers. Every weekday, 83,000 people commute into the city for work, straining our roads and escalating carbon emissions. To move Ann Arbor off the path toward what Crain’s Detroit calls “irreversible economic stratification,” we need to act quickly. With your support I will work to: 

    • Raise awareness that our own decisions about budgets and growth have created this problem, not anonymous market forces 

    • Raise awareness that any gains we realize toward emissions reductions will be offset if so many people who work in Ann Arbor continue to live outside the city and drive to their jobs

    • Commit to an assured funding stream for affordable housing 

    • Form public-private partnerships to build enough affordable units annually to meet our fifteen-year benchmark

    • Empower renters by creating a Renters’ Commission

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