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  • Being a safe place to live means more than ensuring low crime rates. It means ensuring that no one fears being stopped by the police without cause, that everyone has access to food, housing, mental health and other social services. It means pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, and safety for older residents who choose to remain in their homes and need services to do that. Let’s work together to:

    • Strengthen community oversight of policing

    • Envision a path forward for public safety provision that relies on police officers for what they are trained to do and engages mental health and other social service providers where their expertise is needed

    • Improve bike safety to, from, and around downtown with continuous, protected, all-season bike lanes  

    • Support innovative roadway design that encourages adherence to speed limits along crucial thoroughfares

    • Develop and improve home health and other social services for aging Ann Arbor residents

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