Civic Engagement:


  • As an engaged citizen now, I know that it takes time and commitment to stay informed about local issues. As your representative, I want to make it easier for you to do that. I will communicate with you about the key decisions before council and the pros and cons of the most consequential proposals. I will have office hours, virtual and in-person, to listen to your concerns. Nothing is more important to democracy than protecting the right to vote. I believe every vote should count towards political representation--and every ballot should be counted. Michigan voters moved our state in the right direction in 2018 by using ballot initiatives to strike a blow against gerrymandering and establish "no reason needed" absentee voting for all registered voters. Absentee voting gives Ann Arbor voters one tool we really need to boost turn-out in our August primary election and do a better job representing the diversity of political views in our community.  

    • I participated actively in the successful 2018 ballot initiative by Voters Not Politicians that established an independent citizen's redistricting committee to end gerrymandering in MI

    • I strongly support the "Nights and Weekends" initiative to expand access to the City Clerk's office in order to increase the hours and locations where people can register to vote, obtain an absentee ballot

    • I support exploring further creative reforms to stimulate wider political participation and ensure no one's vote is suppressed

    • I hope everyone will take advantage of the option to vote absentee. Click here to put yourself on the list to receive an absentee ballot application before every election

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