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Urban Stewardship:

Ann Arbor residents deserve exceptional basic services that are delivered in ways that are consistent with community values of equity, diversity, and environmental sustainability. Carefully managed growth gives our city the means to meet these expectations. I will work with you to:


Environmental Stewardship: 

Cities nationwide are waking up to the power they have to lead the conversion to an ecologically regenerative, socially just, and sustainable economy. Ann Arbor was at the forefront of clean energy and recycling policy in the 1970s. In March 2020, the city's office of sustainability released an ambitious plan to achieve its commitment to energy efficiency and carbon neutrality by 2030. Some of these goals will require changes to state law and financial support from state and federal government before we can move forward. But others can lower the cost of providing basic services for everyone. We can get started today to:


Affordable Housing: 

We need to ensure that Ann Arbor's housing market serves people over their entire lifespan. Current housing costs price out of the community young people, life-long residents, and “essential workers” including teachers in Ann Arbor’s elementary and secondary schools, health care workers, grocery clerks, firefighters and police officers. New housing opportunities could transform these commuters (83,000 every weekday) into residents—and taxpayers. With your support I will work to: 



Being a safe place to live means more than ensuring low crime rates. It means ensuring that no one fears being stopped by the police without cause, that everyone has access to food, housing, mental health and other social services. It means pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, and safety for older residents who choose to remain in their homes and need services to do that. Let’s work together to:


Civic Engagement:

As an activist, I have advocated for changes to make elections more accessible to more people and more representative of the diversity of political views in our community. I worked hard for the successful 2018 ballot initiative by Voters Not Politicians that struck a blow against gerrymandering in MI. That effort plus a second initiative (sponsored by the League of Women Voters) that established “no reason needed” absentee voting for all registered voters, were major victories for free and fair elections. I know that it takes time and commitment to take an informed position about local issues. As your representative, I want to make it easier for you to do that.


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