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Urban Stewardship:

No community can act on its values without the financial means to do so. Carefully managed growth gives us the means. The city has recently made some good decisions about development that bring new public assets to the community. Existing zoning laws have also made it necessary to approve projects that are not well-supported by transportation and will only intensify traffic congestion and thwart progress toward sustainability. I will work with you to:


Environmental Stewardship: 

Cities nationwide are waking up to the power they have to lead the conversion to an ecologically regenerative, socially just, and sustainable economy. Ann Arbor was at the forefront of clean energy and recycling policy in the 1970s. Today, the city has renewed its commitment to energy efficiency but municipal recycling is in crisis. Our sorting facility (MRF) sits idle and in need of repair while we ship our recycling to Ohio for processing. To reach our carbon emissions goals, we must act together to:


Affordable Housing: 

We need to ensure that Ann Arbor's housing market serves people over their entire lifespan, so that people who have grown up in Ann Arbor have affordable options for settling here, and life-long residents have a range of housing choices as they age. Current housing costs price out of the community young people, life-long residents, teachers in Ann Arbor’s elementary and secondary schools, firefighters and police officers. Every weekday, 90,000 people commute into the city for work, straining our roads and escalating carbon emissions. To move Ann Arbor off the path toward what Crain’s Detroit calls “irreversible economic stratification,” we need to act quickly. With your support I will work to: 



Being a safe place to live has to do with much more than low crime rates. It means pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, safety from being stopped by law enforcement without cause, and safety for older residents who choose to remain in their homes and need services to do that. With your support I will work to:


Small “d” Democracy:

Ann Arbor currently elects its local officials in an extremely low-turnout primary election that does not represent the diversity of political views in the community, and that effectively disenfranchises U of M students. The problem is real, but piecemeal solutions like the recent proposal for nonpartisan elections cannot fix it. As the author of The Tyranny of the Two-Party System (2001), I have thought deeply about these issues and I care a great deal about them. I want us to: